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If you found your way here, you are probably one of those extraordinarily nice people that sometimes ask me how they can support me because they are thankful for all the info I provide for free. There are several ways.
While I do of course appreciate direct “donation”, the better way would be to use one of my affiliate links and buy for example some of your next purchases on Amazon using my links. Doesn’t cost you anything, and helps me funding this site and the youtube channel.

Use My Amazon Links

Whenever you buy something from my Amazon affiliate link, I get a very small amount of money
that doesn’t increase the price for you,
but helps me concentrate on the website and youtube channel

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It might sound weird, but if you subscribe and watch my videos to the end, Youtube will rank my videos higher in searches and that helps me reach a bigger audience which again helps make a bit of an income with youtube adds.
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Like & Comment

It might sound weird, but if you like, and comment, Youtube and google will rank my videos and this website higher in searches. And more reach will give others a chance to get to this page and affiliate with me.

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With my referral link
It works exactly like an amazon referral link. No additional cost for you, but I get a small reward for referring you.

Photography Shirts

I have created lots of shirt designs for photographers. So if you like photography just as much as I do, perhaps you’d like to wear one of the shirts that I wear in my Youtube videos.

Paypal Me

For those of you, who just can’t hold back their enthusiasm and want to directly get me some $$$

A list of my referral links

Referral links will earn me a small amount of money without any additional cost for you. Some referral links will even give you a discount, the code is highlighted in red.

Topaz Photographer Software – Outstanding tools for de-noising, sharpening and upscaling images. My absolute favourite is Topaz Sharpen AI. Not only will it sharpen images that are not all that sharp, it will even improve images that are already sharp with its AI Algorithm without over-sharpening it. Try it – there is a free test version of every app.

Topaz Coupon Code

Use the Link above and the Topaz Coupon Code wolfamri for a 15% discount (even on items on sale!!!)

Skylum Luminar – Luminar is a “rather” beginner-friendly image editing software with AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to help you improve your images as quick and easy as possible.

Luminar Coupon Code

Use the link above and the Coupon Code AMRIPHOTO for a 10 ($,€ or £) discount on all Luminar products

Neewer Photography Tools – budget friendly flashes, speedlights, reflectors and other tools. Honestly not the most high-end products, but in photography you get what you pay for. I particularly use their reflectors because they are great value for money.

Neewer Coupon Code

Use the link above and the Coupon Code WOLFAMRIWOLFAMRI for a 15% discount on all Neewer products on their website.

Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. – Needless to say much about Adobe. Lightroom and Photoshop are by far the most popular editing apps for photographers. You will find many tutorial videos online that help you learn their tools. Even I have made a free tutorial series for Lightroom beginners. For regular editing Adobe are still my go-to.

Adorama is one of the biggest photography stores in the world. Based in New York, they also have a huge online store. If you use this affiliate link for your online purchases, I’ll get a few $ per sale, without costing you anything.

Photologo – Are you looking for a unique logo or watermark for your photography business? Photologos are hand painted logos for an affordable price. Check the watermark on the images on this page – it is from and I paid for it! However, if you want to try yourself first, I have a step by step tutorial on how to create your own signature watermark on youtube. – Probably the largest booking site for hotels. So whether you are planning your next photography trip or just a vacation, using this link will help us improve the site.

Elementor plugin for wordpress – I created this website mostly with this plugin and plan to do a tutorial for photographers on how to create your own website.

Thank you!!!

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