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Why to Share?

Whether you are in a Facebook, whatsapp, telegram or whatever photography group, a discussion forum or simply discuss with your friends, it is time consuming to type and without graphics and animation it is also much harder to convey things.

On this page I have gathered links to all the important sections on this website. So you can link directly to these, and people don’t need to scroll.

How to Share?

You may have seen that copy to clipboard button on all the pages on this website…


Copy a link to the page-section below to the clipboard

…it helps you to share that particular section of the page. Pressing the copy to clipboard button will copy the link to the section to the clipboard. You can then easily paste it anywhere you want to share the information.

But to make sharing information even easier, I have gathered all those section-links from all the pages below (including screenshots, so you can easier identify them. So if you want to share an info with someone, click the copy link to clipboard button and paste it wherever you want.

1. Exposure

2. Scene Luminance

3. Aperture

4. Shutter speed

5. ISO

6. Exposure Values

7. The Primary Camera Setting

8. Exposure Triangle Alternatives

Easy Sharing FAQ

  1. Just click the button “copy link to clipboard” on any page or above to copy the link to the clipboard.
  2. Paste it anywhere you want to share.
    On the computer pasting is Ctrl+V (Cmd+V) on a mac
    On a mobile device you can long-tap and then chose paste.

Please comment below. I will constantly update this section with new questions.

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